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A Good Education Attitude

One aspect of education that is hardly mentioned in academic literature is the self-educated person. There are a few reasons for this, most notably academic literature is written by people who are part of the education system, not the people who worked independently outside it. Furthermore, successful self-educated people are a little rare.

Even if many individuals try to educate themselves, only a few succeed. Those few receive a lot of attention. The greater majority are forgotten about.

What makes a successful self-educated person also tends to make a good student, though there are probably a few exceptions. Both require curiosity, self-determination, passion, and the type of intelligence that applies to their field of study. It comes as no surprise that the self-taught are independent. But good students are also capable of being independent, and hopefully about to cooperate when needed. This is one advantage conventional education has over isolated study. Working with others is important.

Habits of Good Students – HSC Tutoring Sydney

Seek personal fulfilment. This isn’t to say we don’t need to take a few difficult prerequisite subjects in order to achieve our goal. But avoid boredom in the big picture.
avoid stagnation and boredom by not getting stuck in fixed habits.

Motivation to Inhibition ratio – Imagine the motivation to learn a skill and divide it by the negatives (fear of failure, time taken, financial cost). If our motivation is higher the total number is higher. For most skills, the number should be higher.

Immersion – Read a book and find how it all fits together. It is no individual pieces, it is a collective whole. Re-read to discover this. Ask how does the book fit into the culture of the time?

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Break up goals into pieces – A large task seems daunting, and it is. But a book is read one chapter per sitting, not all at once. We can do this with almost any task. Reward yourself for each leg of the journey.

Look at contexts – A word is part of a language. If we try to remember the dictionary definition of the word we will find this difficult. But if we practice using the word (correctly) in a sentence we find it becomes an integrated part of our language.

Be open-minded – Many systematic approaches to a subject could be replaced by a different system. Does a formal education hold people back? Sometimes, they get stuck in a specific way of doing things. Look at the historical context, and how did the subject develop over time. Could it be done in a totally different way?

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