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Advantages Of More Academic Education

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Opportunity Classes are designed to give some more advanced education to the students who demonstrate potential. It aims to go beyond the education they already have. In some cases it encourages creativity, lateral thinking and creative problem solving.
We might wonder if all students might benefit from this type of education. It is possible that a few students with (perhaps unrecognized) potential  are being held back because their education is too rigid, too inflexible and rather uncreative.
Outside tutoring can address this. It is not restricted by social class or previous academic performance.

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Some advantages of Opportunity class and tutoring include:
– Teachers are more highly qualified.
– Social expectation to perform. A student cannot be complacent by being at the head of the lower class. They are expected to keep up with an advanced class.
– Exams and projects will have a higher standard.
– The social attitude is towards understanding and excelling, not just getting tasks out of the way. Student pick up this attitude from the other students.
– Social contacts with other children, who they may latter work with in the business world, can be important.
– Communication skills in small groups and private tutoring situation will improve. This is too easy to take for granted, but substandard communication gives rise to all sorts of problems.
– Unorthodox thinking – Instead of training to work to a convention the student is encouraged to think of multiple approaches. Think of several solutions, the find the best one for this circumstance.
– Independence. Students need to be able to be independent, and be able to take charge when they are put in a position or responsibility, and to work as part of a team, which is necessary in almost ever career path.
– Discipline – This means dedication and high standards, while not being rigid, cruel of controlling. It is best to learn discipline when young. We can always relax this when we are older.


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The best approach to life and learning is a well rounded education. This means creative thinking, enthusiasm, the arts, teamwork and leadership.

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