Selective Tutoring Sydney

Advantages of Selective Tutoring Sydney

Advantages of Selective Tutoring Sydney

Nearly everybody has had a classroom experience, probably for several years until the end of high school. Nearly everybody has had at least one classroom situation that was more than a teacher could handle, or at least a situation where there was not enough time for each student. This is not to say that classroom teaching is not often useful, even essential. Its just that while class teaching might cover most situations, it may not cover all situations.

Individual one on one teaching has its advantages. And it has become more popular in this era of online learning, with Skype and other video systems. The tutor works with the individual student, either to specialise in an area of interest, or to concentrate on an area that the individual student struggles with. This is sometimes not possible in a class situation, where a group of students all get the same instruction. Grouping classes according to ability and interest will help, as all the students will be at a similar level. But there will always be individual differences. Selective tutoring will take advantage of individual talents and interests, and help with any area that is lacking.

– A program designed for the individual
– More attention from the tutor
– Opportunity to ask any relevant question
– Classes modified for your needs
– Ask for additional materials.
– A teacher can modify the class program if several students exhibit the same interest or issue.

There are only a few drawbacks of tutoring.

– You won’t get the opinions of fellow students, who ask things you never thought of.
– We cannot have one teacher for one student all of the time. There are not enough teachers.
– Students do not know how they rank compared to others.

These few disadvantages can be removed by combining classroom lessons with some tutoring.

Selective School Test and Selective Tutoring Sydney

Selective schools will take the highest performing students into their classes. The students are required to take a test to see if they are capable. These test might aim to measure potential, but they at least partially measure ability. This means they are not testing raw intelligence, but how an intelligent individual has developed. So they can be prepared for by appropriate study. A student of average intelligence can be successful if they study and prepare well.

Selective Tutoring is one of the best ways to prepare for the selective school test. It is a means of finding and studying the right material, which gives the student the best possible chance.

Selective Tutoring Sydney

For the best chance of qualifying for a selective school consider selective tutoring. We get individuals working to their potential.

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