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Advantagous Academic Thinking

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It is too simple to say the smartest people are the most successful. Some seemingly average people do surprisingly well, some smart individuals underperform as students. And then there are different type of intelligence, and the individuals who do well in some subjects but not so well in others.

So what are the ways to better academic performance?

No Royal Road to Learning.

There is no way to avoid reading, listening to lectures, and some participation exercises. We will have to learn the material, and any background information. There is rarely anything instantaneous here. And anything that appears to be a breakthrough actually has many weeks/months of research and trial and error behind it.

There are no shortcuts to learning, through there are plenty of detours and distractions. We will have to put in the hours.


A few post grad students have looked at their early attempts at a research subject and commented on how much their view has changed. Almost everybody has had the experience of looking at their former situation and wondering what they were thinking, how could I have made such a mistake!

Progress may be slow, but that is why courses are several months long. If we see how far we have come, we realize that we may be able to go further.

Learn from Mistakes  

Every new discovery had a path littered with abandoned ideas and some failures. That is one reason why we have some non-assessment practice and education. We can make plenty of mistakes when learning. But we need to be beyond this when we do the exam.

Critical reading of Facts

In the age of the internet we know this better than other generations  there are conflicting opinions on everything, rival theories, and nobody agrees on all the facts! If we are to make a convincing case in an essay or presentation we need to show why some ideas may be flawed, how apparent facts might be misunderstandings. We need to find the answer in a sea of conflicting but convincing ideas.

Go further, but Not past the Goal.

More research is almost always a good idea, but we might make the mistake of losing sight of the goal. When we answer an essay questions we need to really provide the applicable answer. It is too tempting to add more information just to show that we have more knowledge of the subject. Never do this at the expense of the question and answer. Answering the question is the priority.

HSC Coaching Sydney

The right mindset for education leads to the right mindset for life. We learn, and are far better for it.

HSC Coaching Sydney

The right mindset for education leads to the right mindset for life. We learn, and are far better for it.

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