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It is easy to say that success in exams comes down to knowledge and intelligence. And it is easy to emphasize that we do need both. But our lives and bodies are complex. And success can be influenced by any number of things. Everybody has had at least one day when everything went wrong, and the occasional day that produced several inspired ideas. We have all made a mistake or two when we didn’t sleep or had a lucky serendipitous insight right before an important event. So how do we make sure we are performing at our best when it is most important? If we have an exam, what preparation do we need to add to the study we know we must do.

Do anything to ensure a good night’s sleep – This is much harder for some people who are prone to insomnia, but there are always ways to achieve some improvement. Avoid caffeine after lunch, and avoid phones and computer screens an hour before bed. Try meditation audio to see if it helps (find these online).
Above all, keep your sleep regular. It is better to have 7 hours every night than 5 hours on some nights, and a long sleep-in on the weekend. Consistency is the goal. Eight hours a night is recommended.
Poor sleep will hinder memory

Start the Day Right – Physical exercise helps our mental ability. If getting up early to watch cartoons or a radio program helps, so be it. Getting up late, even if we have more sleep, leaves up feeling we have missed something, and this is a bad, late start.

Schedule things – Nobody can get a decent result by doing all the work in one weekend. But that same work spread out over 6 months will give an accumulating knowledge, which only needs a few hours of revision before the final exams.

Get rid of distractions – This is harder than ever with digital TV and the internet, but it needs to be done. Try giving the phone to your parents, so they can tell you about the occasional call that is important.

Get perspective – It is easy to get stuck in a rut when learning. Try looking at things from a different perspective. Visualize a concept, or look for concrete examples. Often the concept will click into place after a few different attempts.

Food – This makes more difference than we might think. Our grandparents told us to eat vegetables, fruit, and salad and avoid junk food. They were basically right. Try this for a few weeks and feel the difference.

Overthinking is a real issue – The exams at the HSC level are not trying to trick you (maybe there is one question in each paper that does that!) – they are wanting you to show how well you understand the subject. If you struggle with something, you are most likely to have made a simple oversight, or an erroneous assumption. The HSC concepts are designed so the average student can grasp them. Ask a tutor if you hit a snag.

Tutors are there to Help You -This is easily taken for granted, but make note of any questions and issues, and have the tutor resolve them. Listen to the issues that the other students have.

HSC Coaching Sydney

Tutors keep track of what is expected in today’s education system. This helps students reach their potential.

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