Australian Education

Australian Education

Australian Education

Different cultures approach education in different ways, even when the same subject material is being taught. This can mean an adjustment when students from one culture study in a different culture. But this adjustment is less severe, and probably a step into a larger perspective, for a more advanced, better adjusted student. And probably akin to the transition from education study to career work.
It help to know something of the expectation and techniques of a different education system before making the transition.

Some of our campuses have made the following observations:

High School Tutoring Eastwood
Rote learning is not enough in the Australian education system. We may start with rote learning for the basics, but even the average student must go beyond this.

High School Writing Castle Hill
Plagiarism is Unacceptable. For a student raised in a culture that emphasises rote learning this is a little hard to grasp. But just repeating somebody else’s idea is not enough for a good grade, even if you paraphrase them. And copying verbatim is grounds for disqualification. Critically assessing an idea, applying an idea, comparing different ideas, or combining ideas is encouraged. Original ideas have considerable potential.

High School Tutoring Hornsby
Referencing is an essential skill for every essay in every subject. Failure to do this is seen as a form of plagiarism.
It is a good practice to start using references such as the Harvard or Oxford system from a young age.
HSC Tutoring Campsie
Assignments done in groups is fairly common in most Australian subject courses. This has several advantages, including teaching cooperation, seeing different perspectives, and realizing one’s own limits compared to others. It is also the type of thing that is encountered in the workplace.
Large corporations like Google and Microsoft support this type of group project, and conduct studies on the subject, so there is real work application in group assignments.

OC Coaching Blacktown
Hierarchy is a little more lax in Australian classes, especially for Opportunity classes and Selective schools. Students can question ideas and teachers. It is not submission to an authority, but cooperation between leaders and learners.

Coaching Sydney
We like to think education is about bringing individuals to their potential. This includes the ability to perform well on tests, and raising a culture that encourages cooperation and success.

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