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Better Study Methods

We have only a limited amount of time to complete tasks and prepare for tests. We want to both put aside as much time as possible, and make the most effective use of the time we have. Better study methods go a long way to better use of our time, and better results.

Many of us have seen and copied the old study method of highlighting texts, or just copying sentences from the text (surely what they did before the invention of the highlighter). Whether this is an effective study method is uncertain. Certainly it is better than not reading the book, but are we remembering anything. And even if we do remember, are we just stuck at a rote learning level. We really need to apply information if we hope to do anything better than scrape by.

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Study in Steady Sessions – We have all heard about cramming for an exam. This might get us to pass, but nobody did well for the advanced test when they crammed. And we tend to forget most of the information a few days latter. We get much better, longer lasting results if we have been studying on a regular basis. An hour every day for a week is much better than 6 hours the night before the exam.

Use the information, and retain it – It can be difficult to remember vocabulary words, especially when learning a foreign language. But if we use the words in a sentence we give them context, and this really helps us retain the information. Finding synonyms for the words also helps.

If you need to understand concepts rather than words, then draw maps, graphs, give concrete examples of abstract ideas, write your own definition of the concept. Imagine you have to explain the idea to a much younger person.

Do the exercises – if we just read a text, we only get a superficial idea of the information. But if we do the maths exercises, physics problems, then we learn much more.

Test each other in groups. Bouncing ideas of each other helps. You might find out you made a mistake. Better to find out now than after the exams!

Be a little random – Avoid having all the questions in the same order. They will always be in a different format in the exam.

Visualisation often helps. We can remember the picture that says a 1000 words far more easily than the 1000 words. But of course it has to be a picture that really presents the information we want.

We feel better if we live up to our potential. Edukingdom’s HSC Coaching in Sydney can help to reach your education goals, and perform better.

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