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Can I Represent Information Differently?

High School Writing Sydney

Most school assignments end up being essays or reports. These go a long way when it comes to education, and we might almost get through high school will strong essay writing skills. But there are sometimes other options, and sometimes we have no choice and need to do a PowerPoint presentation or an Infographics poster. Keep the options open, and be aware that we will need some skills in these communication options from time to time.

Of course, we need to check with the teacher about out assignments. Sometimes we have to do an essay. Occasionally an alternative is permitted, but not always. Sometimes we can add diagrams to an essay and get a better grade with the different approach.

Essays  Primary Writing Ashfield

As we said, if we only had one communication skill in education it would be essay writing. So we need to make our essays as good as they can be.
An essay is an extended piece of writing with a structure. It has an introduction that outlines the argument, a series of paragraphs that expand on the argument, and a conclusion that sums it up. If we write an essay we need a plan. When we wrote short essays in primary school, perhaps two pages long, we could keep the plan in our head. But any longer essay will need a written plan. Do not neglect this. At least write an outline, it makes the writing much easier, and the result will besignificantly better.

A tittle is important, and should capture the argument of the essay. Generic tittles should be avoided. ‘How the works of Edgar Hackenbush misrepresent Gender’ is far better than ‘Gender Representation in the 20th Century’.

Infographics  High School Writing Bankstown

Is a visual medium better for this particular subject? Visuals are fine for conveying information, less useful for making an argument. If you are examining advertising trends or superhero films then visuals can be great. Some text, never more than 100 words at a time, will combine well with the visuals.

Of course, you need the drawing or computer graphic skills to make this work. The quality of the visual is paramount here.

Comics  High School Writing Chatswood

Comic presentations are rare in academia and even high school assignment, but occasionally they are used. But to work, they need to be visually orientated, with a little text. If the text works in isolation without the visuals, then comic form is probably not the best option.

Videos  High School Writing Parramatta

A more popular trend for the last generation as modern technology makes it so much easier. It is not to difficult to film yourself giving an explanation of a topic, and then add music, graphics and other elements. This is very suitable for discussing films, where you can include clips, or for documenting field trips, where you show the historic site while narrating the relevant history.

Look at Youtube for some ideas on how this is done. Many videos in the form of ’12 things you didn’t know about Shakespeare’s The Tempest are quite useful.

PowerPoint  Primary Writing Blacktown


This is a series of computer slides, images and a little text, that is presented to the audience, with a speaker explaining the information as the slides are presented. It is much more effective than just a plain speech for most topics. And with some basic speaker notes to go with the slides it makes the presentation quite easy. As long as it is well prepared the actual speaking requires minimal memorisation.


High School Writing Sydney

Effective communication includes formal essays as well as presentation and graphic skills. This aids education of the writer as well as the audience.

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