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Can We Get Beyond Education Bias?

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Bias in education can hold students back. Neither student or parents want this, nor do teachers.

Bias come in many forms, but we can divide them into two rough categorizes. One is deliberate discrimination against race, gender, age, appearance, culture, or religion. This still exists despite the opposition form most people. The other bias is unconscious, like statistical errors that give the wrong impression, or technology that is difficult to use for left handed individuals, or an early education that leaves us unable to understand latter education. We might call this perceptual bias.

Some Goals for Bias Free Education Include:

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We need to be prepared for the world we encounter when we graduate, so education must cater to this. Education is more that facts and trained tasks. Information that we learn fits together to make a large picture, so there is a pattern to what we learn. There is also a pattern in how we learn.

Individuals in the 1970s and 1980s struggled when computers came along, especially if they tried to study programming. With their educational background they found programming counter intuitive, expecting the computer to do as they asked in the same way a human being would. It tool some time and some paradigm shift to realize that computers follow mathematical codes, and do exactly what you tell them to do. People had to learn how to communicate what they wanted to a computer in a different manner o how they communicated to another person.

Today we largely grow up with computer devices, and are quite used to dealing with their functions; we have learnt to think differently. So the pattern of out thinking has changed, hopefully expanded for the better.

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Each of us is an individual with some abilities, and perhaps inevitably some limitations. We believe that teachers should nurture the individuals to reach their potential, each finding a different place in society, while also developing their interest.

We believe in encouraging self awareness, confidence, enthusiasm, without the feeling of superiority. We are all individuals yet part of a larger group of unique people.

Diversity – HSC Tutoring Sydney

We believe in encouraging interactions between people of diverse backgrounds, with individuals valuing, respecting and enjoying this diversity. We are all simultaneously similar and different, so we can connect and benefit from our different perspectives.

Embracing diversity help eliminate bias, if only because we see how different perspectives yield useful results at least some of the time.


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It is important to have the ability to defend and justify a point of view, while also seeing that that other views have their merits. It is also important to view any topic within a larger perspective, so see how it might have an impact on other areas. i.e.: does a healthy diet change cause ecological of financial strain? Does an analytical approach hamper creativity?

Coaching Sydney

We believe individual students can be bought closer to their potential. This means being better adjusted, better social interaction and improved academic achievement.

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