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Seemingly small details can lead to major problems. This is something we all want to avoid. It is important to get the details right at the beginning, so we don’t build our understanding on misconceptions.

Handwriting – In these days of computers most of us can type faster and better than we can write. This is fine most of the time, until we have a written exam. Most exams are still in written form, and if our handwriting is poor the examiner will struggle to understand us, or just end up in a bad mood. We need to get this right.

HSC Tutoring Sydney

Grammar – Some of us can write in the same manner as we speak, and if we speak in prose this is good at every level. Other people sharply demarcate written and spoken English, using inflections when we speak, and word order for emphasis when we write. Make sure your essay read well, and have impeccable punctuation and grammar. This won’t redeem a bad paper, but it is enough to show that you are serious.

Secondary Sources – People criticise Wikipedia for being unreliable, and there is some truth to this. But most secondary sources suffer a similar problem, and unlike Wikipedia most secondary texts cannot be constantly revised.

As much as possible work from basic principles, primary sources, and websites with authority (education and university websites). These can never be perfect, but if you reference then you are at least wrong with authority.

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Mistakes early On – When we conduct a science experiment the experiment is a learning experience whether it gives a positive or negative result. The only failure is inconclusive, which means we just don’t have an answer yet.

We learn in the classroom, and can afford to make mistakes here. But where we cannot afford to make mistakes is in the exam. Learn from what you do as early on as possible. Then have it understood by the time you take the assessment.

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Strengths or Weaknesses – Do we concentrate on our strengths or weaknesses? It depends. We should take subjects that we are interested in, because we tend to be strong at those. And interest is a good motivator. But what if there is a part of a subject that is difficult for us? Or we are weak on a compulsory subject? Then we need to work on that because otherwise we will be held back.

HSC Coaching Sydney

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