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Education Misconceptions

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Learning and tests are part of the social world; they are something we cannot really avoid in life. The human brain did not really evolve for this type of education, it seems to go against our instincts, so we must learn to adapt ourselves to something that seems a little counter intuitive. This means getting past a few misconceptions.


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We are told to plan time to study, and rightly so. But estimating the time we need is very tricky. It is best to take the pessimistic approach and plan more time than needed.
Sometimes we find the first section of a subject area the most difficult, and then find subsequent information fits in place once we get past the first hurdle. Sometimes a subject is easy at first, but gets harder as we progress, or when we move from theory to practice. We must look at this when we set aside time to study.

If we have followed the course structure and kept up we should find that most things are in place in the week before the exam, and we just need to revise what we already know. Occasionally we need to go over some trouble area. Tutoring should address this long before the exams are upon us.

The Generic Mind

We are all individuals, and all think at least a little differently. If you find visual aids best, then use them. If learning lists of facts is easy for you, then make use of this ability. Some of us think in concrete terms, others prefer abstract ideas. We need to be able to do a little of both, but we might emphasis one if we prefer to.
Find what really works for you.

The Google Habit

We have become use to finding information Google. But we obviously cannot do this during an exam. We can develop the bad habit of memorising the name of the website where the information is, and forget the information itself. But for an exam we need the information in easy recall.

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Understanding Means You can explain

It is a mistake to think that if you understand something you will be able to explain it in an exam essay. Of course, we need to be able to understand first. But being able to communicate this understanding to another person is a skill in its own right. Can we put it all in words? We need to be able to put it all in words to get a decent grade.

If we can explain it to somebody effectively then it shows that we understand what we are talking about. This is the better approach.


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The Illusion of Superiority

Most people think they are above average, but this is impossible. Most people are average because that is what average means. It is better to underestimate yourself and put in the work to catch up.

It there lesson revision for people who are struggling? Don’t think you are above this, even if you got an A grade last time. The revision may well provide something useful.

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We all have potential. Make the most of your abilities with tutoring, and be the best individual you can be.

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