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The old saying is that we should work smarter, not harder. This dates back to the 1930s. An even older saying is that there is no royal road to learning. This dates back to 300 BC. Hopefully we should understand that there is no contradictions between these quotes. The is no short cut (no royal road) to learning, but there is always the most direct way, the most effective way to get to your goal.


What we should aim for is the most effective use of our time. So how do we learn the most with the amount of study time that we have?


Reading is not enough – OC Coaching Sydney


In primary school we could do quite well just by reading those class books. But we cannot get by doing this in high school, and certainly not college. The more advanced texts of high school are more information dense than primary school books. Even if there in only a few pages to read the is a lot of information to take in.


High school learning involves a lot of interpretation of material, the learning of concepts and not just definitions. It may also include comparison and contrast of texts and ideas.


Discussion with other students is a decent way to learn new material, though the people in the discussion need to have some basic understanding before they can do this.


Elements of the Study Cycle – OC Coaching Sydney


Learning will involve reading, making notes, attending class, reviewing material, listening to other opinions, and then changing your mind in light of this information. We need feedback on our ideas and understanding so we can recognize mistakes.


Sometimes it might seem redundant to do the reading on a subject and then hear a lecture on the same material. But that lecture might be meaningless if we hadn’t done the reading first. And even when we do the reading afterwards we have wasted our time at the lecture.


We learn best when engaging in more senses. Reading and then listening is better than either alone. And physical interaction (doing a science experiment, playing the musical instrument) is even better.


The Long-term approach – OC Coaching Sydney


Everybody has had at least one occasion where they crammed several weeks of learning into one night of study before the exam. It might have meant we passed, but we all know we would have done better had we spent more time on the material.

We learn more effectively when we spend the whole semester learning, spreading study sessions out so each new week builds on last weeks work. This avoids panic, this means having feedback as we go, addressing mistakes in learning before they become mistakes in exams. By the time the final exam comes we should have all the information of the course falling into place.


Avoid multitasking, it tends to not work.


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Effective learning improves our prospects and opportunities, and it improves us as individuals. Enrol your child for tutoring.



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