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Entering Selective Schools

Selective Coaching Parramatta

Selective High Schools are government schools that only allow entry to higher achieving students. Primary students who wish to attend a selective school must perform well in the selective school test. Competition in this is test is quite high.
There are presently 22 fully selective high schools in NSW, and 24 partially selective schools where the top class is only open to those who performed well in the selective school test. A few other options, like the selective conservatorium school, several selective boarding schools and a virtual school also exist. Additionally, a few of the selective high schools are also agricultural schools.
A brief look at the overall HSC results of selective schools will show that they consistently achieve far better than average results. These schools also have a higher number of former graduates that latter become socially successful.

Advantages of the Selective School – Selective Coaching Parramatta

The teaching at selective schools caters to more intelligent students. This is a difference of type rather than a difference of degree. There is an emphasis on curiosity, creativity, and originality with an approach that develops both independence and collaboration. This is very different to education that encourages vocational learning or only memorization.
The social attitude of selective schools is to have an understanding of the material that leads to higher grades, not to have higher grades at any cost.
Students at selective schools are there almost always because they want to be there. They show at least some ambition and desire to learn. Being amid other like-minded students is good for the individual. This is healthy competition.
A selective school will give students a more realistic perspective of their abilities. Individuals realise that they are surrounded by other students of similar ability and intelligence. This means no complacency and illusions by being the top of an average class.
Communication is easier when other students are of similar intelligence.
Teachers at selective schools have higher qualifications and more experience.
Student fees at Selective schools are much lower than private schools, while still achieving similar or superior results.

Disadvantages of Selective Schools – Selective Coaching Parramatta

The competitive culture of a selective school only works if the child is fairly intelligent and motivated. Average students will struggle and become discouraged.
For some unknown reason there is a high proportion of students in these selective schools who are from non-english speaking families. While ethnic diversity is highly encouraged, as is the use of a second language, this high proportion of foreign students suggests there is something odd in the selection process.

Selective Coaching Parramatta

Selective tutoring gives a child its best chance of entering a selective school. We encourage genuine comprehension and help a child reach their potential.

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