HSC Coaching Sydney


HSC Coaching Sydney

In this age of computers and the internet, many of us have become accustomed to typing. This is appropriate given today’s technology and society. But the unfortunate side effect is that our handwriting has often suffered. And we still need decent handwriting for many situations.

Our exams are still taken with handwritten essays and answers. If our handwriting is poor, or illegible, then our grades can suffer. This is a terrible waste when a student is knowledgeable and capable but receives poor grades due to poor communication that comes down to poor handwriting.

Another less understood issue is how handwriting affects learning. Students who take written notes seem to retain information more effectively than those who type a personal device. Handwritten notes require the individual to condense the information, to put it succinctly in their own words. This engages the brain because we have to understand what is being said before we can summarize it. It is more effective than simply typing the information verbatim. It is too easy to type the information and not really absorb it.

The best method may to be take notes in class and type them up neatly afterward. This way we go over the information twice.

Improving Handwriting

Use a pen that feels comfortable, and that does not require any effort to push or to get ink on the paper. Try Holding the pen with the thumb and index finger while it rests on the middle finger. This is a traditional ‘tripod grip’. There are a few alternatives but try this one first. try Googling alternatives if you feel an alternative grip works for you. Do not grip the pen too hard, this will cause tiredness and cramps. Let your fingers and arm be loose.
Keep the wrist straight. Bend your elbow to about 90 degrees. Write with arm movements, not finger movements. Practice writing larger than normal, and shrink back down to a smaller size when the letters are clear and precise. A child’s exercise book, the type where you trace the letters, will help some people.

HSC Tutoring Sydney

Coaching allows a student to reach their potential. This means everything from assembling ideas, being creative, communicating effectively, constructing essays, and having solid typing and handwriting skills.

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