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High School Student Myths

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There are some misconceptions about writing. we might think that everything is subjective, or that the one writing style applies to all situations. Or that everything should just flow naturally when we write. But matter are not always that simple.

You only need feedback is you are struggling, or are an amateur.

All writers depend on some form feedback. Even the academics will not send out articles for publication without first getting peer reviews.

It is too easy for a writer to skip over something in an essay because it seems obvious to them. But they don’t realize that the reader need this information.
A second opinion is always needed.

Good writers know exactly what to say before they start writing.

Well, this should be true by the final draft. But we often have insights into the subject as we write about it, or discuss it.
If we have written about a subject several times before then we will have a far better idea of what to write when we come to the final essay. Though we should remember that the final essay isn’t being read by people who have read our earlier works. So each essay must include all the applicable information.

Readers want black and white answers

If there was a simple answer, a simple cause and effect reaction, we would want to know about it. But few topics are that simple. An essay will require you to delve into some complexity. But if you can do this in clear, concise terms so the reader has a better understanding of the issue, then you are writing well.

Simple language seems naive

Well written essays can seem deceptively simple. But this is what the reader wants. The well written text is what the student wants when they are learning. It is what the examiner wants when you write the final paper.

Don’t confuse complex language with complex ideas. complex prose often disguises shallow, incomplete ideas.

Complex interconnected ideas expressed in a manner that is easy to understand is the ultimate goal of writing.

Changing the writing style to suit the audience is compromising.

By all means present the material in a manner that suit the reader/audience. But don’t compromise the meaning. Stick to the concepts, but express it in a way that the audience will understand.

High School Writing Sydney

Understanding the subject, taking it further than what you were taught, and communicating clearly – this is want examiners look for in papers.

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