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A large portion of the curriculum, particularly in high school, is dedicated to writing. As a result, it’s critical that we expose and help our students learn how to use the many various types of writing in their education.

Power Writing Course

Comprehensive sections in the Power Writing course are made to provide students the chance to read, consider, organise, and write in a range of writing formats. Report, exposition, recount, explanation, description, and story are a few of them.

Comprehensive Writing Skills Development

Proficiency in writing is crucial for both scholastic achievement and efficient communication in daily life. High school pupils stand to gain a great deal from an organised curriculum that fosters these abilities. The Edu-Kingdom College Power Writing course is made to cover all aspects of writing, ensuring that students are well-prepared for various writing tasks they may encounter.

Critical Reading and Analysis

The ability of students to read and analyse a variety of texts is one of the course’s main objectives. By doing this, students may better comprehend various writing approaches and styles, which they can then use in their own writing. Students’ capacity to write more effectively is increased when they analyse texts critically because they learn to recognise the characteristics and formats of various text types.

Increasing Word Power

Having a large vocabulary is essential for writing well. Vocabulary extension exercises are incorporated into every session to aid students in learning new words and comprehending their definitions and applications. Their writing, understanding, and general communication abilities all increase as a result of this.

Skill-Building Activities

Modelled Writing and Planning: Two essential components of the training are modelled writing and methodical planning. Teachers give instances of guiding students through the writing process. This hands-on approach ensures that students understand how to structure their writing and develop their ideas coherently.

Writing Assignments and Critiques

Every session involves a writing assignment that lets students put what they’ve learned into practice. Students receive personalised feedback to help them identify their areas of strength and growth. With this individualised approach, every student is guaranteed to get the help they require to advance.

Course Length and Duration

Each level of the course is designed to run for 50 weeks, with 1.5 hours per week dedicated to each lesson. Because of the longer time frame, students are able to fully interact with the content and gradually improve their skills. Students in Years 3 through 9 can enrol in the programme, so a wide age range can take advantage of the curriculum.

Study Materials

Exercise sheets, written assessments, and a textbook are given to the students. These resources are made to aid in their education and offer lots of opportunity for practice. Frequent evaluations assist in monitoring development and guarantee that pupils are fulfilling their learning goals.

Improving Writing Ability in High School

With the assistance of Edu-Kingdom College, Parramatta High School’s writing instruction can be greatly improved. The Power Writing course’s methodical and thorough approach guarantees that students are not only ready for their current academic challenges but also have acquired abilities that will help them in their future academic and professional endeavours.

Engaging Courses

Every class is planned to be interesting and participatory in order to motivate students to participate fully. This interactive approach helps to keep students motivated and interested in their learning. By engaging with the material in a variety of ways, students are more likely to retain information and apply it effectively.

Developing Independence

The development of autonomous learning skills in the students is one of the course’s objectives. Students learn to take ownership of their education when they are given the tools to organise and plan their writing as well as opportunities for self-evaluation. They will benefit much from having this independence both during and after their academic career.

Developing Self-Belief

Students’ confidence in their writing skills increases as they move through the course and get compliments on their work. This self-assurance is essential for taking on more difficult writing assignments and for expressing oneself succinctly.

Customised Guidance

Every student’s unique demands are taken into consideration when designing the course. Instructors can tailor their teaching methods to suit the learning style and pace of each student, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

In Conclusion

Parramatta high school students who enrol in Edu-Kingdom College‘s Power Writing course gain the abilities and information necessary to write well. With the help of thorough instruction, tailored feedback, and a well-organized curriculum, students are prepared to take on a range of writing assignments and advance their skills to a high degree.

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