High School Writing Sydney

High School Writing Sydney

High School Writing Sydney

Essay writing is a skill needed in every education subject, and later needed in most carrier paths. Anybody who publishes work, or even writes online, benefits from essay writing skills.

Essay writing is different to creative writing, though there may be overlap. Any essay written for an exam or assignment task does not exist in isolation. Rather, it addresses topics, information, argument and preexisting ideas that must be compared, contrasted, supported and occasionally discredited. Essay writing explains a topic or part thereof, looks at how information is interconnected, how concepts might be useful or limited; it often works to support a particular school of thought, and argue against rival schools of thought. Occasionally it might even combine different schools of thought.

For a competent essay we must look at:

Research – We must be well informed on the topic that we write about. There is no way to write or argue a topic if we are ignorant. Examiners are unlikely to be tricked if we are no reasonably well informed

Writing skills – We need a good grasp of basic and advanced language skills if we are to make a case for any position we have. If we cannot express ourselves we will not do well.
Written language is different to spoken language. The written word cannot be emphasized with our voice; we must construct written sentences so that their natural emphasis conveys the meaning we wish to express.

Planning and Structure – Information must be structured if it is to be understood by the reader. a badly structured essay, just a list of statements and ideas, might show that you have some understanding, but it won’t communicate much to the reader/examiner. A well structured essay starts with solid information and proceeds to builds upon this foundation.
Furthermore, we cannot stop to answer the readers questions in an essay. Rather, we must explain everything as part of the essay.
Textbook writing is a decent guide to how essays are written.

Conclusions – The essay builds up to a final paragraph or two that brings the body of the essay into focus. The conclusion should concisely summarize everything that you have been discussing in the essay, and give a sense of completion. a good conclusion is enough to take an essay up a grade. Lack of a conclusion will ruin an otherwise promising piece of writing.

Referencing and Evidence – Any ideas that we derive from other, either as quote or as something we reword, need to be referenced; we have to give due credit to others. Likewise, we need evidence to support any claims we make; we cannot simply rely on speculation.

High School Writing Sydney

Our written language skills are an essential part of every area of study. Tutoring can hone and develop these skills, and provide the foundational knowledge that achieves better exam results.

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