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How Can We Make the Best of Seconday Education?

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The early education in foundational learning. We need these skills that are taught early on, writing, math, to understand latter education, and to understand almost anything we encounter in life. At the same time we cannot stay at this foundation level. We need to master the basics, and them more on to the subject areas we specialise in, and to a different type of learning where we can be creative, critical, and progressive.

Support Core Skills

Even at a young age children will often realise they are better at some subjects than others. This need not be too much of a problem. If they still manage to learn essay writing skills and solid math abilities then they can still do well later on subjects that interest them. Many people do quite well in arts (including literature) if there essay skills are good. Science subjects also require decent essay skill (as will every subject), but if this means not taking history or geography later on, then that might be fine for some individuals.

OC Coaching Sydney – Exam Pressure

Every child will have experienced some pressure for exams. The best way to deal with this is experience. If the child has done many essays and problems under exam conditions then the pressure is reduced, because exams become familiar. Tutoring that gives exams on a regular basis helps produce students who feel a little more comfortable with exams. It is simply that they have done something familiar before, and received feedback on what they are getting right or wrong.

Early Experimentation.

We spend at least some of our teenage years trying fads and exploring individuality. This need not be confined to social life. We can experiment with academic ideas while learning, realising that failures are as educational as successes. But by the time we reach the exam and assessments we need to be past this stage, and just write about the things we have now found to work.

Hobbies and Sport

We pursue hobbies and sport out of interest rather than obligation. Personal interest is a great motivator. And we can learn a valuable lesson about achievement and improvement when we pursue hobbies, realising how a poor performance greatly improved with time and effort. Learning that even difficult things can often be achieved if we persevere is a valuable insight. And this can be applied to academic subjects.

OC Tutoring Sydney- Parental Interest

This can be underestimated, but a parent’s interest in their education sends a powerful message to a child. This does not mean doing the work for them or obsessing about every detail. But talking about what they learn, about the books they have read, how you read some of the same books too, helps who that this learning is important.

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Every child in unique. Education is about the individual developing to their potential, and contributing with others in society.

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