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How Has Technology Affected Education?

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Of course education will change as a society’s technology progresses. This is both because of the opportunities the new technology offers in the classroom, and the fact that students need to be prepared for the technology they will be using in their future careers. Often these two factors overlap; virtually everybody will be using computers in both the classroom and their future careers.

The ubiquity of computers and the internet over the last generation has changed how students access information, and allowed them to access classes online. This extends from infant level education to university online courses. During this time of Covid19 lock-down this has made all the difference; many classes that would otherwise have been suspended were soon conducted online. So the internet has prevented education from being held back too much.

Computers may have disadvantages if used exclusively in place of personal contact. There is a risk that children who do everything online will not develop many interpersonal skills, like reading body language or speaking in front of a live audience. Yet using computers at least part of the time does help children learn useful skills like typing, and the ability to express themselves in written language; these are areas that previous generations often did not develop.

By combining online learning with group learning and private coaching a student can both learn the school curriculum effectively, and acquire useful skills ranging from typing and online research to public speaking and social interaction skills.

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We believe each student is unique, and that education allows them to find their vocation and reach their potential.

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