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How Should I Approach HSC Tutoring?

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There will be many different people in the same class, all receiving the same lesson. Of course they all perform differently. Partly this is their background, their previous education. Their is also personal interest, motivation, and there will always be differences in intelligence. But while some of this is fixed most of it can be changed, and even the more fixed aspects, our intelligence, can be compensated for. An average person who is motivated can outperform an intelligent person who lacks interest.

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How should we approach learning, tutoring and coaching education?

  • Don’t think you know everything. Nobody does. And the great geniuses of science and art are the first to state this.
  • Discard preconceived notions. We may have an understanding of a subject that got us to where we are, but find that this holds us back if we try to go further. Try looking at a subject as if it were the first time you are encountered it, and build an understanding from ground up. Sometimes this feels like going from 2 dimension drawing to a 3 dimensional model, but we are better for it, even if there is a confusing transitional stage.
  • Don’t put too much blame on the past education. Yes, you were taught some things that later turned out to be wrong. So was everybody else. We have to keep updating our education like we update our computer systems.
  • Remember that time is limited. We often only see this after it is too late. The exams are coming up, so start something useful today. Write a draft essay for the paper that us due in two weeks. At worse, this gives you a head start when the final essay is due.
  • Look at finding the right answers, not at being the person who is already right. If we won’t let go of an idea we will probably be stuck. Listen to other students, listen to teachers. Even the worst student in the class may occasionally  have an epiphany that proves useful.
  • See education mistakes as progress. There are several proposed answers. Every time we eliminate a proposed answer we are making progress.
    We can afford to make mistakes when studying, because that is a learning process. But we cannot afford to mistakes in exams or assessments, because that has repercussions.
  • Group activities can benefit everybody – If we can cooperate we have the group intelligence (many ideas, good and bad), which is often more than the individual can achieve.

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Education makes all the difference. We want every individuals to reach and live their potential.

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