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How to Prepare for A New Education Term

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We probably have mixed feelings at the beginning of each semester. On one hand we like the fresh start, and have the best of intentions for the new semester. On the other hand the holidays and our apparent freedom to do as we wish and sleep in every day is gone. We promise ourselves that we will be diligent this semester, more than last semester, but this proves difficult once the semester has started. So how do we become the better student?

Keep some Holiday Habits

We often eat a little better during the holiday and spend more time on hobbies. If we can continue this during the semester we will be in a better frame of mind. Get up early and make that lavish breakfast. Watch the morning cartoons do a few holiday things. Be in a good frame of mind by the time he first lecture starts.

Cut down on social media and spend some time on hobbies. The social media that you use might relate to the area of study, there are discussion groups on almost every topic. Arrange study groups that feel like social activities. Some study can feel like socialising.

Be prepared for a hard start

After a few weeks of not writing or studying the start of semester is a real gear change. Remember that you have been through this before. It may be more difficult when going from high school to university, or to post grad work. But you will adapt if you persist. And the break may help you adapt to a new way of doing things – you don’t have to continue the old habits.

Talk to More Advanced Students about what to expect.

Your tutors were in the same situation to you a few years ago, as were most older students. Find out what the difficult areas were for them, and tackle these straight away. Plan for deadlines, and do things well in advance so everything has a better chance of falling into place when the time comes.

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Accumulate Information and Preparation.

An empty notebook or stationary set has a certain appeal. But it helps considerably if you set these up for your work. Set up pre-ruled pages and heading for lecture notes, and feel some satisfaction as these are steadily filled up over the following weeks.
Have a book for notes on each subject, or for each essay, filled in with relevant ideas and quotes that you find. Label each quote with the source. Re reading this as you prepare for an essay can help you get a semesters worth of ideas into a final paper. You will be surprised at the ideas you wrote down weeks ago and forgot. But some prove very useful. The impression you had on the first day of the course might prove very useful when combined with latter, more developed ideas.

Perspective on Progress.

Keep a wall chart of things that are due, and the grades on what has been done. This reminds you of the progress you have made, and gives a sense of satisfaction and completion. See deadline well in advance, and accumulate the information needed so you are progressively prepared as the time approaches.

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The right mindset and approach helps a student reach their potential. Education is about engaging and living to the fullest with what we learn.

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