HSC Coaching Chatswood

HSC Coaching Chatswood

HSC Coaching Chatswood

‌‌ The high school Certificate is a turning point in every student’s life. It is the end of secondary school and either the beginning of work or the gateway into tertiary education.

The performance at the HSC level determines what possibilities a student has once they graduate. Tertiary education requires at least a reasonably good (above average) HSC mark, with more advanced courses (law, medicine, engineering) requiring higher grades than other (also useful) courses like arts and general science. A few courses (e.g.: music) concentrate on grades only in specific subject areas.

A student’s performance in the HSC is partly determined by their intelligence. But the HSC also measures how that intelligence has been applied, and how well a student can communicate and express what they have learned. It is not enough to have potential. A student who expects to perform well in the HSC must have applied their potential and both learned the relevant subject and at least started to develop their own original ideas. This means going beyond writing learning and formulas and doing something beyond the basic information that they have learned, either by being creative or by having insights into the information they have acquired.

HSC Tutoring Chatswood

A large part of success is learning how to learn. This is a complex combination of discipline, memory, motivation, stress management, working with others, and (perhaps most importantly) developing skills like communication. A few individuals find this easy, but the vast majority of people need help in at least some areas.

Every student is a unique individual. So every student will learn and understand at least a little differently from others. we do not want to discourage this individuality at all. Individuality is an essential part of progress and change. Rather, we believe education must be at least partly tailored to suit the individual. This means different approaches to learning the same subject, and hopefully, an original contribution to the subject from different individual perspectives as the subject progresses.

Tutoring Chatswood

‌‌Of course, the HSC system can never be ideal, and never perfectly assess the potential and learning of every student. Some individuals with potential and obvious intelligence underperform in their exams. Part of the coaching helping students perform well in exams, understanding what the examiners expect of them, hopefully without compromising any potential and ability outside of these expectations.

Tutoring is preparation for exams, so individual students can perform to their potential, and develop original approaches in their later careers.

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