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HSC Coaching Sydney

There are many myths floating around abut student life. But the truth is everybody is having a different experience, even when they are attending the same classes. Nonetheless there is some advise that applies to everybody who aims to do well.

All theory and No Practice

Sometime this is a criticism, sometime this is wishful thinking. It can be easier to do everything in out heads or on paper, and have all the neat concepts and categories work out the way we intend. This is different to the real world where experiment can fail, materials arrive late, or microwave ovens interfere with our radio controlled electronic device.

Many higher learning facilities combine practical work experience with theory. we learn thing with hands on experience that we only touch on with written texts. And practical experience can be encouraging for further learning.

Study is important, but it goes hand in hand with actual application.

Starting Assignments the Night Before They are Due.

Every student has done this at one time, or done it one time more than they wished. But it is never the best approach, even if we sometime get a reasonably good grade.

A common situation is where we have done a moderate amount of research but not started to write up the assignment till it is almost due. This need not work out too badly. If we understand the subject and essay question at hand we can produce an essay as if we are writing under exam conditions (write 2000 words in two hours) and get it mostly right.

Ideally we should spend a week on research, write the essay a few days in advance of the due date, and then put it aside so we can proofread it with a clear mind. If we have paid attention to classes and homework for the semester this process will be a lot easier.

Thinking First Classes are less important

There is tradition where the university professor takes the first class, or the entire introductory course, for the beginning of any subject. This is so any misconceptions are cleared up before the student starts putting all the information together.
First classes often contain some fundamental groundwork required to understand the subject correctly. Do not miss the first class more than you would want to miss the first part of a TV series.

You can stick to subjects that you enjoy
This is partly true. And more than a few university students who are strong at essay writing find they do better than predicted when they stick to essay based subjects. But almost everybody will need decent math and general study skills whether they major in science or psychology. And essay writing skills are needed in every subject areas.

Major in subjects that you are good at, or have an ability to do well in. But remember that you will also need the prerequisites in other subjects if you are to continue in these fields.

Extra Curricular Activities.
Tertiary education in the USA looks are other activities outside of class when student apply, because they know this is part of a well adjusted student’s life. This is not looked at as closely in Australia, but involvement in extra curricular activities does make for a better adjusted individuals. We cannot live entirely in books.

Bare Minimum Passing
You can get to latter classes with a moderate pass, but don;t expect to rise above this latter on. Things tend to get harder, not easier. So if you cruise through with straight ‘Cs’ in first year you will be struggling to pass in the final terms.

HSC Tutoring Sydney

Tutoring can give a student the right approach for achieving their potential in the HSC, and for having a better education and career after this. Live up to your potential with our classes.

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