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Important Concepts of the Last Century

Concepts That influence Primary Writing Parramatta

Generative Grammar
This was an idea proposed by Noam Chomsky. Many other have observed that languages have rules. These seemed to vary from one language/culture to another. And it was though that children simply learnt their native language through exposure and then perhaps formal lessons. But Chomsky claimed there was more similarity between the worlds languages than previously thought. The human minds had an underlying structure for communication, and all human languages works on this structure. So the basis of human language is innate.

Rational Ignorance
We are all encoutering a great deal of information on a daily level. Some of this is trivial, some is important, some affects up personally, some is or national and global significance. It is human nature to concentrate on what is immediatly important to us, and not on larger concersn where we play a small role. So we are each more concerned about our car not starting than about global warming.

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This is the notion that the ability of the individual is what counts. This is almost taken for granted today, but it was not too long ago that class and race was a greater influence than ability. Of course, we may believe in and approve of a meritocracy, but not see the biases that work against this. Early opportunities may benefit some, while lack of resources and opportunities probably hold others back. The question is sometimes why that individual has the merits.

Paradigm Shift
It is not too difficult to see how ideas might develop over time. We can see how the design of family cars from the 1950s change in the 1960s, 70s and onwards. We can see how animals evolve over many many centuries of evolution. But sometimes it isn’s a slow change. Instead, it is a suddenly a completely different approuch. We went from horse drawn carriages to cars a century ago. At first the cars looked like carriage, but then they changed to take advantage of the new technology, and left behind ideas that only applied to horse vehicles. A few centuries ago we thought the earth was the centre of the universe. Tehn we realized that the Sun was the centre of the solar system, and that this was probably not in the centre of the greater universe. These abrupt changes are paradigm shifts, a completly different way of looking and representing the world or part thereof.

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The Death of the Author
Many peope read the same book, and have a different experience. And they may have a different interpretation. Is there a right answer? Can we ask the author what they really meant? Apparently not. Any interpretation of a book that makes sense according to what is in the book (we can interpret facts, but not change them) is perfectly valid. what the author apparently intended, conciously or otherwise, is not the point. Perhaps the author was racist, and this came through in the work. Perhaps modern psychology shows an understanding of something that the author reported without fully understanding it themselves. We may see more than the author realized was there.

Degrees of seperation
There are billions of people in the world. But the interconnectin betwen these people is not a straight line. We all interact with many other individuals, who then in turn interact with many others. This type of complex network means we can almost always link two individuals by no more than 4 others. This is six degrees of seperation. It seem comparible to how the internet works, everything linked to everything else.

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We believe that education develops the individual to help reach their potential. Tutoring can help where class learning is insufficent.

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