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Individuals and Education

Primary Writing Sydney


The world would be simpler if we could all be trained and educated in the same way. But this will never happen. And even if it were possible we would be left with a rather monotonous, uniform result. Nobody wants a world where everybody is the same.

As every parent and teacher knows every individual child is different from a young age. So they all need to be approached and taught in a differant way, and perhaps with different goals according to their individual abilities. This is a challenge for teachers and students alike, but the results are worth the effort. We should be able to raise a diverse group of individuals who can all contribute to the world in different ways, and still (hopefully) work together.


Selective Tutoring Sydney

Students who show early academic ability may be accepted into selective schools and/or opportunity classes. Provided the student has genuine ability this should be an advantage. The individual student will work with other students of similar ability, and have teachers who teach at their level. This avoids some problems than might otherwise hold a child back, such as a child being bored with an unchallenging class that seems too rudimentary to them. Or being in the company of children that seem immature compared to their abilities. It can also allow them some independence and creativity that simpler classes cannot accommodate.


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Some students have ability, but may be underperforming for a variety of reasons. They may have missed some fundamental skills early in their education career, and need to catch up. or they may struggle with language even as they are proficient in Math and other academic areas. Some children, though quite bright, may suffer learning disabilities and require a different approach to education. Coaching can target the individual’s issue, and often achieve good results in the space of a few months. Coaching really help bring out the best in an individual student.

High School Writing Sydney


A few students do comparatively well, but still need to get ahead if they are to secure a certain university placement, one that leads to the career they are interested in. coaching in subject such as writing can make all the difference, here, especially if the child has struggled to communicate the ideas they have, or if they find they underperform under exam conditions.


Selective Tutoring Sydney


Every student is unique. If your child struggles with the traditional approach to education, or just needs those extra high grades, then tutoring can help the individual student reach their potential.

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