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Learning in the Online World

Importance of High School Writing Sydney

Every student has found the lockdown and online study routine at least an occasional inconvenience. But in a world where computers are ubiquitoes, and digital communication is ever increasing, this type of situation is become the norm. We will probably spend part, perhaps a lot, of our future careers communicating and learning online, so perhaps this lockdown is giving us some useful practice.

So how do we deal with this, working on screen rather than on paper?

Scheduling – Try to find out how many hours you need to complete a subject. Many Handbooks for structured courses will estimate this amouht of time. Spread this ut of the week and semester. Steady progress 6 days a week is more effective than 1 long session.
Have breaks for cehcking emails and making coffee. But get the work done.

Writing – You may need to learn some facts and figure. Physically writing seem to help this more than typeing.
If you need to learn concepts, then write you own definition of them. This helps them stick in your mind. Einstein said you in order to understand an idea you need to be able to explain it to a primary school child. Imagine writing the subject idea for a primary school text.

Avoid destrations and procratstination – This is basic, but it is always an issue. If yo have to cancell your Netflix account in order to avoid destractions, so be it.

Find the place – Some people can study anywhere. Other find they get into the right framce of mind when at the library. Other spend half the weekend at Starbucks, but get a fair amount of work done, and coffee consumed.
A few people find a red lightbulb put them in a good frame of mind for work, others use relaxation audio tracks.

The nooks and crannies – Do you spend half an hour on the bus/metro each morning? Use this to revise some work. Half an hour twice a day is 10 hours at the end of the week. This is huge.

Do you have family, friends of a spouce who keeps you accountable? Tough love means aking you study and not letting you waste time.

Network and discuss subject ideas with other students, and with more advanced students is possble. Online chatrooms, Skype/Zoom and plain texts/emails make this easier.

Practicing High School Writing Sydney

Writing is the common denominator in every subject, except perhaps sport. So we need to be as practiuced at writing as possible. This means reading for comprehesion, not skim reading, and writing for clarity. There is no short cut here, we need to spend time reading and writing.


High School Writing Sydney

Education helps bring us to our potential. Professional tutoring makes learning more efficent, social and even enjoyable.



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