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It would be commonsense to think that intelligent people use more of their brains than less intelligent people. But this is not as simple as one might think. Intelligent People certainly use their brains more often. But at the same time, they can often do more with less, or achieve the same results with less effort.

One insight into this phenomenon comes from neuroscience tests. These tests looked at how much of the brain was used to solve simple tasks or a set of ongoing tasks. The researchers expected the more successful individuals, the people who are known to be intelligent, to use a greater portion of their brain. But the results showed the opposite. Intelligent people solved problems more quickly, with less apparent effort, and using less of their physical brain. Researchers were left to ponder this unexpected result.

One popular explanation is that the less intelligent people see individual facts, while more intelligent people see an overall pattern. And the overall pattern requires less brainpower to use, at least once it has been discovered.

Imagine the difference between someone who memorizes all multiplication tables, and somebody else who learns a formula for multiplying two numbers together. The formula takes less space to memorize, and it has countless applications. By contrast, the multiplication tables take a fair amount of memorization, and they won’t be of use if you have to multiply and new large numbers that have not been included in the older tables.

An Intelligent understanding looks at the way information is connected together. It sees patterns, how the pattern is affected by changes, and how we might change the pattern by introducing changes of our own. It should also be cautious and realize that the present pattern may not apply in some circumstances.

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