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A 19th century approach to education, at least for the non-affluent, aimed at producing skilled factory workers. The same methods were applied to all the students, with rote-learning being the key. But society has changed, so this approach is no longer useful for the 21st century, where we need people to go far beyond repetitive tasks.

Modern education looks to move past the teacher-centered instructional approach and look to student-centered learning.

There are a few limited advantaged to old rote-learning approaches. It is an approach that can be used by any student, from the least to most intelligent. But the more intelligent, and the more creative, will find this dull. And it can backfire because the student loses interest and stops learning. Another small advantage is that it is easy for the teacher, simply set and mark repetitive tasks. But teachers soon tire of this approach too.

Some Alternatives Education Methods

– Students encouraged to think for themselves, and not just follow instruction. A lesson give the child an objective, and the child must find its own way to get there. There is more than one right answer, as long as the objective is achieved.
– Students can question assumptions, and not just work to get the teachers approval.
– Show that there are different ways to approach any subject.
– Classes are given alternate theories, which cannot be completely reconciled. individuals and groups discuss the strengths and merits of different ideas. And why they might prefer certain theories, even perhaps while being attracted to the wrong answer.
– Puzzles and ‘find the lost treasure’ literature is a good approach. Encourage children to develop their own puzzles.
– Computers are part of almost every career, from warehouse stocking to medicine and nuclear physics. Computer skills should be part of any curriculum. teach the children how to use a software package, and make them each use it creatively.
– Look at real world jobs and then design the education to prepares students for this. Have them look at marketing skills and designing products to fill a niche.
– Give assignments with choices. We work with more enthusiasm when we feel we have the best option.

Selective Tutoring Sydney

Our early school education prepares us for both our intended career and later tertiary education. We want to make the best of this opportunity. What we learn today can give us more possibilities for the future.

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