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Motivation is the often overlooked aspect of any pursuit, overlooked until we have a discouraging day. It would be nice to be motivated for everything that we know is important, but we’re all human and it doesn’t always work this way.

If we can find a way to be motivated now we will start to achieve more, starting now. This is especially important for events like High school and the HSC. we need to do well in this now as it is the gateway to so many aspects of life later on.

– Just start getting something done. Avoid the situation where we try to distract ourselves with cleaning or something that is not too urgent.
– Watch a video or listen to a lecture on the subject you need to study. This requires less effort than just hitting the books. Find something that gives you a broad overview of the subject you need to learn, then hit the books and start learning the details.
– Make a list of things to do, breaking the task up into smaller pieces. And then start getting some of the things done. Do some of the harder tasks early on. There is satisfaction in ticking things off the ‘to-do list’.
– If there is an assignment or essay due, write some rough notes out, with the mindset that you can always rewrite this later on. this will get you thinking in the right space. And you will start putting ideas together and having some insights.
– Find a location that suits you. Have the study desk set up so you can just sit down and get on with the work.
Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones can block out distractions.
– Some people find that coffee, chewing gum, or something similar will help then sit down and concentrate. Keep caffeine to a minimum.
– Keep a notepad or smartphone app that allows you to write down ideas. You may have an insight or idea while walking or taking a shower. Some great minds had great ideas that started as ‘shower thoughts’, where that was not too immersed in the topic but thinking about the subject from a distance.
– Practice lateral thinking. Look at the problem and ask is there another way to the same end. Look at the problem from the outside, not while buried in the middle.
– Bounce ideas off other people, and get different perspectives.
– Remind yourself of where this all leads. Get this right today, so you can do something useful with it in the future, starting tomorrow.
– Stay healthy. Eat well, and avoid junk and processed food.
– Prepared sleep. what we think about as we fall asleep tends to stay in our minds during the day. Avoid stressful thoughts, and visualize ideas creatively so they are in the back of your mind.
– Brain training audio can get you into a good frame of mind. Look for Brain Evolution or similar mp3s.

HSC Coaching Sydney

Education is about individuals reaching their potential, applying their abilities, and interacting with those around them.
Living toward one’s potential is part of a fulfilled life.

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