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After Covid lockdown was put in place almost everybody experienced at least some online work or study. This was virtually unavoidable, and not something we would have pursued under other circumstances. But we did discover that there were some advantages to activities online.

• No travel time when working from home. We might even get some more sleep.
• No travel cost, saving more money than anticipated.
• We get some practice with computer skills.
• No issues with books or assignments being left at home.
• Less exposure to illness (the whole point, really).
• If we suffer a minor illness we can still attend class.
• There is initially some novelty value in doing something different.
• In some cases we can have two smaller tutorial classes instead of one large class. Or a large lecture class followed by several tutorials.

High School Tutoring Parramatta – Online Advice.

Tutorials are there to complement lectures or other classroom work. This idea is that we listen in the larger class group, and then save any questions for the smaller tutorial classes. It is also a good idea to do some of our own research on any questions before the tutorial.
Tutorials cater to addressing individual learning, which is why we ask questions. The tutor knows that different students are at different levels with different background information, and will required information according to individuals situations. The tutorial is also a place to listen to the contribution of other students. Other opinions, even those of students lagging behind, are important. For one thing they can be valuable for essays where we have to defend an option or contrast ideas. The different opinions of other students are something we may include (for or against) in our essay arguments.

• Treat the tutorial as a conversation with an advanced specialist on the topic. We listen and contribute.
• Have water, tea, chewing gum or something similar at hand. This appears to help concentration.
• Fun is not always the opposite of learning. We can enjoy tutorials, social interaction, finding a useful application for the subject we are learning. Then again, sometimes we have to persevere through a few things when we study.
• We probably have reading to do before the tutorial. Make notes when you read, look up new words or concepts. Write down questions. This will make the most of your tutorial time. This might be a to-do list that we can cross off as we complete it.
• Never give a negative reaction to the questions that others ask. This discourages other from asking. Occasionally a seemingly silly or obvious question leads to an unexpected answer.
• Take notes. Write down information in one format, and ideas or opinions in another format (different colour pens, different column). Always distinguish quotes from texts from information in your own words. It is terrible to later write an essay and accidently put a quote as you own work, or think your idea was actually what the textbook said.
• Remove or minimise distractions in the room.
• Find that way to be comfortable and alert. This might mean raising the chair, using a fan, not crossing your legs because that causes a cramp, putting up a curtain to prevent the bright sunlight a that occurs at certain times of the day.

High School Tutoring Parramatta

Tutoring, online or in small classes, will help individual students get the most from their study. Achieve your potential.

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