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Primary Writing Sydney

Learning to write is possibly the single most important aspect of education. Virtually every subject is assessed by writing (or spoken reports, which relate to writing). We are very much lost without language abilities. The other side of this insight is that any person who is taught basic reading/language skills now has the ability to educate themselves. Either way, language is the cornerstone of any education.

Preparing A Child For Primary Writing Sydney

It is important to read to a child. Not only does this creates an emotional connection between child and parent, it teaches them important language skills. It is easy to over look the fact that spoken language and written language are not always the same. So a child needs to hear written language read aloud to develop writing skills.
Children have a tendency to want the same stories read to them repeatedly. We need to persuade them to read a variety of books. But encouraging a new book because it was written by the same author as a previous favorite is a reasonable idea.

When possible, have the child read to you. Ask them the meaning of any unusual words. Perhaps record the child and let them hear what they sound like.

Encourage the child to write. It can be on anything that interests them. Even a list of favorite books or toys is a place to start. They teach them to write narrative, one event leading to the next event. Telling stories aloud is also helpful.

Teachers and Primary Writing Sydney

Teachers can encourage language skills even when the child is still learning to hold a pencil. Children have plenty of imagination and creativity, even at a young age. This is the basis of writing, even when writing it still a little beyond them. But they can still use their imagination to verbally tell stories, a skill which later helps them develop their writing.

Teach children to think of ideas, and choose the ideas worth keeping. Then teach them about putting the information in order, so a story idea unfolds as a series of related sentences. Now let them understand that they need a beginning that makes them interested, and an ending that gives a sense of closure.

Educational Games and Primary Writing Sydney

– Take a familiar story and ask them to change the characters. Does Charlotte’s Web work if we change the animals? Can Bugs Bunny work the same as a dinosaur?
– Write the first sentence of a story, or show them an object or picture, and let them write the rest. The first story lines might be about a mysterious beeping sound, with the children’s story solving the mystery.
– Have each of the children write a few sentences of a story, that is then passed to the next child to continue.

Primary Writing Sydney

Early childhood development of language skills yields benefits that last a lifetime. Help a child achieve their potential with tutoring.

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