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Primary Writing Fundamentals

Importance of Primary Writing Parramatta

Other subjects might be a matter of personal taste and career choice, but language skills apply to every area of life. We might choose to do less maths, and avoid some other subjects altogether, but we need language skills in everything from law to warehouse admin.

Teachers and parents realise the importance of developing their young students’ language skills. This is usually the written language skills, reading comprehension and ability to write. Spoken language is usually developed by social interaction, and children mostly (not entirely) pick this up without effort. But written language is not quite the same as spoken language, so it needs to be developed in conjunction with speaking ability.

Reading Comprehension and Primary Writing Campsie

We need to be able to read before we can even attempt to write. This usually starts with parent reading to children when they are very young, something shown to be of great psychological benefit to a child. Reading will help to increase a child’s vocabulary, and help the child learn grammar in an intuitive way. Over time the child learns to use new words appropriately.

An advantage in the modern world is using computers to read text. This never replaces human interaction, but a computer will demonstrate the correct pronunciation of words, and helps a child to connect sounds with symbols.

Intuitive Primary Writing Eastwood

When a child learns to write they will be using word they already know to form sentences that are their own creation. They can do this because they have picked up the underlying patterns in language. But this type of learning is not foolproof, and misunderstanding (grammatical mistakes) are common. A teacher will help a child separate the correct ideas of language from the misinterpretations.

Better Primary Writing Penrith

What separates good writing from bad? A bad piece of writing may be free from spelling and grammatical mistakes, but still be rated as poor. So what makes some writing better?

– It fits together. Writing is a series of sentences. But the sentences are far from random. At the very least each subsequent sentence must follow from the previous sentence. In better writing it must all connect together. Imagine a film that was a series of random images. It is meaningless, even if the images look great. Now think of a series of images that fit together to make a narrative. This is how a piece of writing should work.
– Abstract ideas in writing tend to be flat and emotionless. They might work when combined with concrete examples. Avoid endless abstraction. Use visual imagery to convey an idea. Children know this when they are young, but can make the mistake of becoming too abstract latter on, mistakenly thinking that this is more advanced.
– Knowledge of the subject makes all the difference in writing. This is so fundamental, but we sometimes try to bluff our way, which is a mistake.

Primary Writing Parramatta

Reading, writing and comprehension skills are fundamentally important. Our tutors help your child develop to their potential.

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