Getting a Private School Scholarship in Australia

What are Private Schools?

Private high schools in Australia operate independently of the public education system. They are funded through a combination of student tuition fees, private contributions, and government funding. These schools often cater to a variety of educational philosophies and religious affiliations, providing parents and students with diverse options to match their values and educational preferences. They also offer many facilities, resources and other advantages over some other schools.

Advantages of Private Schools in Australia

Smaller class sizes, and a lower student-to-teacher ratio, which allows for more individualized attention and support for each student.
Some private schools also offer advanced placement (AP) courses, International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, and specialized subjects that may not be available in public schools.
Extracurricular Opportunities including sports, arts, music, drama, and various clubs. This well-rounded educational experience can benefit college and university applications.
Facilities and Resources including science labs, libraries, sports complexes, and arts centres.
Community and Networking can provide valuable support and opportunities for students during their school years and beyond. The connections can be beneficial for future career opportunities and personal growth.
Personal Development: Private schools often emphasize character education, leadership, and personal development. Programs focusing on ethics, social responsibility, and community service are commonly integrated into the curriculum, helping students develop into well-rounded individuals.

Why Do Private Schools Offer Scholarships?

Many of the private schools offer scholarships or partial scholarships which cover part or all of the standard fees. There are several reasons for this.

Scholarships attract academically gifted and talented students who may otherwise not have the financial means to afford tuition. This can enhance their student body with diverse and high-achieving individuals, which can contribute to the school’s overall academic reputation.
Building a Strong Reputation will enhance a school’s reputation and standing in the educational community. This may be viewed more favourably by prospective families and the broader community.
Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: Scholarships can help promote socioeconomic and cultural diversity within the school community. By providing financial assistance to students from various backgrounds, private schools can create a more inclusive environment that enriches the educational experience for all students.
Supporting Excellence: By recognising excellence in academics, sports, arts, or other areas schools can encourage a culture of excellence and high achievement.
Charitable Missions: Many private schools have charitable foundations that provide educational opportunities to those in need.

Edu-Kingdom and Private Schools Scholarships

Private school tests are different to the Selective School and Opportunity Class test. Each Private School will set its own test, with its own format. Often this test is supplied by a third party, such as ACER, ASS or Newman selective.

Edu-Kingdom runs a programme that familiarises the student with the range of test formats used by the private schools. And the ongoing classes will develop the skills necessary to perform well on these tests. This includes completing similar tests in class time under exam conditions, a practice which significantly reduces anxiety.

Edu-Kingdom Private School Scholarships Program in Parramatta

Our classes in Parramatta are designed to bring students toward their potential. This includes building of confidence, familiarisation with test situations, as well as the skills needed for superior academic performance. The Private School Scholarship Program does this, with an emphasis on the type of academic performance needed to successfully gain an academic scholarship placement at a private school. If you are looking for a private school scholarship program in Parramatta, contact us now.