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 Private Tutors vs Tutition Centres    

Private tutoring and small group tutoring are both popular options for students seeking academic support outside of the traditional classroom setting. Each approach offers unique advantages and considerations for primary and high school students. Let’s explore the differences between private tutoring and small group tutoring in Sydney to help parents and students make informed decisions.


Private Tutoring


Individualized Attention

Private tutoring provides students with one-on-one attention from the tutor, allowing for personalized instruction tailored to the student’s specific learning needs, pace, and learning style.


Customized Curriculum

Tutors can design a curriculum that targets the student’s areas of weakness, reinforces concepts covered in school, and provides additional enrichment opportunities based on the student’s interests and goals.


Flexible Scheduling

Private tutoring offers some flexibility in scheduling, allowing students to arrange sessions at convenient times that fit their busy schedules, including evenings and weekends. Of course, if the tutor is in demand, then you will have to find a place within their schedule.


Focus on Confidence Building

With individualized attention, tutors can focus on building the student’s confidence and self-esteem, addressing any academic struggles or challenges in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Higher Cost

Private tutoring typically comes with a higher cost compared to small group tutoring, as students are paying for individualized attention and personalized instruction.


Small Group Tutoring


Peer Interaction

Small group tutoring allows students to interact with peers who are working on similar academic goals, fostering collaboration, teamwork, and peer support. Group discussions and activities can enhance learning and promote social skills development.



Small group tutoring offers a more cost-effective option compared to private tutoring, as the cost is shared among multiple students. This makes it a more accessible option for families on a budget.


Diverse Perspectives

Students in small group tutoring benefit from exposure to diverse perspectives and approaches to problem-solving, as they learn from their peers and engage in group discussions and activities.


Time Management Skills

Working in a small group setting helps students develop essential time management skills, as they learn to prioritize tasks, manage deadlines, and collaborate effectively with others.


Less Individualized Attention

While small group tutoring provides valuable peer interaction, it may not offer the same level of individualized attention as private tutoring. Students with specific learning needs or challenges may require additional support beyond what a small group setting can provide.


Considerations for Primary Students


For primary students, the decision between private tutoring and small group tutoring may depend on factors such as the child’s learning style, academic needs, and social preferences. Younger students may benefit from the individualized attention and nurturing environment of private tutoring, while also benefiting from opportunities for peer interaction in small group settings.


Considerations for High School Students


For high school students, the choice between private tutoring and small group tutoring may depend on factors such as the student’s academic goals, extracurricular commitments, and schedule flexibility. High school students may benefit from the focused, personalized instruction of private tutoring, particularly for subjects requiring intensive review or preparation for standardized tests. However, small group tutoring can also be beneficial for high school students, providing opportunities for peer collaboration, study groups, and exam preparation.


Ultimately, the decision between private tutoring in Sydney and small group tutoring should be based on the individual needs and preferences of the student, as well as considerations such as cost, scheduling, and academic goals. We recommend trying small group tutoring first, as this often helps more than expected. There is also the possibility of combining the approaches. We might have small group tutoring for English, Math and other fundamental subjects, and have private tutoring for one specialized HSC topic. Both approaches offer valuable support and enrichment opportunities for primary and high school students, helping them achieve academic success and reach their full potential.

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