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We cannot separate formal education from reading. The form of reading has changed over the last two generations; today we read more on computer screens and a little less on paper. But reading remains essential for almost every aspect of our life.

Yet of course for many people reading is more than a skill they are obliged to learn. Many of us read for pleasure (novels), to satisfy our curiosity (academia), or at to learn information on how to achieve a specific goal (how to plug in that game’s system). we may not notice the many benefits of reading as we undertake these tasks.

Reading in any form, as we might expect, leads to higher scores on reading tests, both comprehension and vocabulary.
But reading also leads to higher scores on general intelligent tests for children. This seems to stay with the child into the adult years. Reading as children means better intelligence as adults.
Reading increases other cognitive powers beyond general intelligence. it improves memory and concentration.
Reading literary fiction improves empathy. we understand others better after having read about characters, interactions, and plots in books. This is useful for real-world relationships in the educational, social, and business world. Non-fiction did not have this effect, perhaps with the exception of psychology.
Reading paper books seems to give us a better understanding than reading online sources and kindle books.
Reading through life noticeably slows the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. We retain more brain function by using our minds.
Reading reduces stress, at least if it is something that we want to read. Even if it is escapist literature the reduction in stress and exercise for our brain is worth the time and effort, and reading for pleasure is not really an effort. It is far more productive than watching TV/Youtube.
When parents read to young children it seems to encourage a better-behaved child and a better child/parent relationship. Children who are read to more often than not will later keep reading on their own.

About the only downside to reading is learning misconceptions that might hold us back later on. Yet this applies to all knowledge, including what we hear on mass media. If we stick with well-written material and question all assumptions we will get ahead, even if we have to abandon a few ideas along with the ways.

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A well-rounded individual will be somebody who reads a variety of subjects. This makes for a more interesting life, and for an individual who makes for better company. But it also makes the individual smarter and more open to education.

Reading is part of living and makes us more open to new experiences. This includes making the most of formal education.

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