Selective Coaching Sydney

Selective Coaching Sydney

Reasons for Selective Coaching Sydney

There are 17 fully selective high schools in NSW, and 25 partially selective high schools. These are government schools. But unlike the government comprehensive high schools which are open to all students these selective schools only admit students who have attained a certain academic standard.

Each year approximately 15 000 primary students sit the Selective High School Placement Test. They compete for one of the 3 600 available year 7 places in a selective high school. Competition for these places is fairly strong.

The selective school test has an english, math and general ability section, each worth 100 marks. These three sections are combined to give a mark out of 300. Entry into the very top selective school in NSW required approximately 240 out of 300, which is 80%.
(the tests have an average mark of 60%, with a standard deviation of 12%).

Advantages of Selective Coaching Sydney

Some would like to believe that selective school tests measure a student’s potential. In other words the selective test would have the same aim as an IQ test. But this is not really the case. And even if this were the aim it is well-known that IQ tests struggle to measure potential. Instead, tests will measure ability. And ability is not set.

Selective school tests, and to some extent all tests, will measure how much an individual has developed their potential. This is roughly what ability means. In practice it means that a reasonably bright student who works hard can be successful in the selective school test. While a highly intelligent student who is negligent will underperform.

Our Selective Coaching Sydney

It makes sense for a student who shows potential to have some coaching for the selective school test. This coaching can track down and help any weak areas in the individual’s education. This might be a concept that confuses them, a subject that they missed early on, or just a weakness in expression. In some cases a child has a very good understanding, but lacks the ability to express their knowledge. Some lessons in essay writing can make a huge difference for this.

It is not uncommon for students to suffer anxiety in exam situation, and this can compromise the results of even the smartest individuals. By taking regular tests, perhaps every week, this anxiety subsides. So on the final exam, the selective test, the student can perform as close as possible to their potential.

Selective Coaching Sydney

Selective schools provide the best educational environment for smart students. Coaching helps the smart students reach their potential.

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