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Selective Schools and Students

Selective Schools and Students

The selective schools test for and take the students who appear the most capable. There are many arguments for and against the division of student into classes/schools of according to ability. And many question regarding the accuracy of the testing methods.

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If students do gain entry to selective schools then they will be with others of similar, perhaps greater ability. This can be a culture shock, as the child is unlikely to be the head of the class. But this adjustment is a necessary one, and beneficial in the long term, better learn when young. The student starts to get an accurate perspective of where they stand in relation to others, and this tends to both push them towards their academic potential and encourage socialization with other students of similar ability.
While a child might lose a sense of superiority when amounst other highly capable children they can soon learn a more valuable, more stable form of self-esteem as part of this social group. This ties to achieving goals and social cooperation rather than competitiveness and superiority.
Selective school are greatly beneficial for children who can work at this higher level.

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One ongoing criticism of selective schools is that the selection process is flawed. This criticism can be applied to many tests. It is hard to design a test that accurately measures the ability of a diverse range of people. The test might favour a certain type of person or a certain type of intelligence. Other capable individuals might well perform poorly.
Some claim that selective tests favour rote learning, or that coaching can improve results. This may or may not be a criticism. Rote learning is initially part of any education. We are not born with the information already in our heads. But it is what we do with the information that a test will (hopefully) look for. An intelligent student can connect the rote learnt information together. Rote learning words is one thing, expressing an original insight is another.
Tests do respond to coaching, just as test scores can be improved with better student preparation. Motivation, time management, study, the ability to work under at least some pressure …etc. These are all things we encounter in the real world, and a student’s performance in exams will reflect this.

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Coaching helps brings a student to their potential. Part of this is about character, giving the individual some legitimate motivation, solid practical skill, the ability to work to time limits and under exam pressure. It is also about the information they must learn, and being able to apply it well, express is in essays, and hopefully be original and go beyond what has been done before.
A child who receives academic coaching not only has a better chance of gaining entrance to a selective school, they will almost always do far better once they reach that school, or at least live up to the expected higher standards.
Finding the right learning approach for the individual, choosing subject where they show the greatest ability, and developing the necessary life skills – all this means students who achieve their potential.

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