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Some Education Concepts

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When we look at anything new, when we learn anything, it is through the experience, language, concepts and other factors in our past. Useful concepts and solid facts help us when we need to learn more. We build on what we have learn in the past. Unfortunately, this can work against us. Misconceptions, mistakes, or even an idea applied to the wrong area can confuse us and hold us back.

So what are some important ideas, and potential traps.

The end of History illusion.

This idea came from a 1992 political book that said all human history develops towards the present form of Government, Liberal democracy. The not-too-obvious problem is that we do not know what the future will bring, so we do not know if this is the final answer. Quite possibly there is more to come, and this is only a step on the journey. Perhaps the present situation is a detour, and we need to abandon it and start anew.

Our education can suffer from this misconception. We think our present understanding is the final understanding, especially in light of all the progress we think we have made. But inevitably we will change our mind about at least a few things. Failure to change will hold us back.

Misapplied Concepts.

Entropy is a concept that says all situations tend to become more disorganized over time. This applies to cars growing old, teenager’s bedrooms becoming messy, erosion over landscapes, environmental harm …etc. Some people apply this is evolution or the development of civilization, and claim a contradiction. Why do animals and cities improve when entropy says all things should fall apart?

There is no contradiction. Cities would fall apart if we didn’t consciously maintain and improve them. Humans have to work against entropy. Animals evolve randomly, with many dying off when they are unsuitable for the situation, and only the more suitable surviving. The evolution process is living creatures working against entropy.

Activity is Achievement, and all work is progress – A Myth

We can waste time and get nowhere. We can practice the piano badly, and just develop bad habits. Getting things right, finding efficient ways to learn and achieve results, this is important.

Looking at basic assumptions, and not realising that apparent facts might be assumptions.

In the film 22 Jump Street two police officers are looking for a criminal that sold drugs to a girl who latter died. They have photos of the transaction. But they find all the evidence they gather in this investigation never adds up. Eventually they realize that the girl was the criminal and the other person was the customer, and the evidence starts to make far more sense. They did not realize the false assumption that they initially made.

In the food industry people once claimed that certain foods were healthy because they contained vitamin B12. Well, B12 is healthy, and certain foods do contain this vitamin. But our body does not always digest the B12 in some foods, so the B12 is wasted. People assumed that because B12 was in the food the B12 would get absorbed into our bodies.

Confused Terms

It is easy to confuse humility with low self-esteem, or confidence with arrogance, or tidiness with hygiene, or legitimate complaints with personal ridicule. But this will cause mistakes at some points. Being tidy will not get rid of germs, and we wonder why we are sick.

Thinking that Everything is Binary

Our minds like to divide the world and our experience of it into neat opposites. But the world does not fit into these neat categories. Not all things are black and white.  While black and white are real, not all colours are black and white, nor do most colours fit on a neat continuum between these extremes. If one person is a Christian, is his opposite an atheist, or an agnostic, or a pagan, or one of a dozen different beliefs? In these days of gender diversity this binary thinking is often questioned. If applies to some phenomena, but not all.

If we are on our own it is easy to not notice misconceptions. This is why tutoring can make all the difference. The feedback from others, especially a teacher who is two steps ahead of us, will remove a large number of mistakes.


High School Tutoring Chatswood

Tutoring has the advantages of group cooperation and interaction with an experienced teacher. Let education help your reach you potential.




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