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Study and Writing Setbacks

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Every student experiences at least occasional obstacles when studying. Even geniuses struggle when exploring something new. This can range from lack of motivation, some missing background information, difficulty in expressing something that you find easy to visualise, or sometimes just plain difficult concepts. We must remind ourselves that we can get past these things. And when we do, the progress means leaving behind some misconceptions and opening up a few new possibilities.

Low motivation: Low motivation can be due to anything from poor health to feeling the subject is boring. A greater interest in other aspects of life doesn’t help. If we can see a particular cause of the problem (poor health, insomnia) we need to solve that first. We realise that this is not always easy. But at other times we have to find a way to motivate ourselves.

Remind ourselves of the satisfaction of completing a task. Reward yourself as you make progress. Remind yourself that this subject is needed for your long term goals. And that every journey starts with a single step.

Some plain healthy lifestyle choices (sleep regular hours, eat vegetables and avoid junk food) make more difference than we might think.

Sometimes new book, new stationary, a different environment can make all the difference to motivation.

Distractions: In this social media age this is worse than every before. There are always email and blogs to distract us. Locking yourself in a private room might help; perhaps find a desk in the library. If you have to use a computer, perhaps find an app that block social media for a few hours.

Concentration: This is tricky. We want to concentrate, but find that we just keep reading the same page over and over again. What causes this?
We might have some personal issues that distract us. This is hard to get away from. Writing down the issue and putting it aside can help. Using a meditation audio track for concentration (there are some on youtube) should provide some benefits.

Put it in Writing: Understanding a topic and writing an essay on the subject are not quite the same thing. In fact, it can be difficult to explain something that we take for granted and do on a regular basis. We have all occasionally been stumped on an essay question. How on earth do I explain this idea on paper? But if we write rough drafts, jot down ideas, draft a few sentences that explain part of the picture, we can start to get towards our goals.
If helps to have a particular question in mind, or a particular theme for the essay. We might struggle because we don’t know what we meant to say. An answer will be easier when we have clarified the question.

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