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Synch to Study and Sleep

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What makes for superior writing? This is far from an easy question, for many academics have spent years researching possible answers. But one important element is clear thinking in the mind of the writer. If we do not understand what we are writing about we will not be able to explain it. And if we are tired we will struggle to explain and write about the topic, even if we do have a comprehensive understanding. This is a most unfortunate turn of events, as we are often assessed on our understanding based on a single exam. It is terrible to underperform on an exam just because of a missed night’s sleep.

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When we are tired essay writing suffers more than some other forms of assessment. This is probably because essay writing requires a combination of skills, such as recalling knowledge we already know, applying the knowledge in a creative way to new question or theme, and being able to structure our ideas into an essay. If we are tired we tend to just recall information in a disjointed way, and have trouble putting it into a structure. About the only compensation we have when tired is that we don’t get stuck in a rut, because our thoughts wander all over the place. We might even be a little more creative. But being tired will never really helps us to express ourselves clearly.

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It is not just at exam time that our sleep pattern matters. If we are tired during class then we retain relatively little of what we are taught. This is an unfortunate waste of time and potential. For we could make the same effort at another time and learn far more. Changing this situation so that we learn and perform at our optimal level is important but tricky.

How we conduct our lives, when we sleep, exercise and how we stay healthy, will influence our academic performance. This is not something we can change overnight. Rather, it is a habit that need to be formed and adhered to every day of our life. We cannot become healthy overnight, but we can improve our health if we consistently exercise for a few weeks. It is the same with sleep. We need regular sleep, and not from the habit of sleeping in on weekends to make up for missed sleep during the school week.

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If we find ways to synchronise our sleep patterns to our school schedule we will find that study becomes easier, and that our results improve. At the very least this requires getting up at the same time every day. If sleep late on weekends then we find we perform very poorly on Mondays, and it takes to Friday before we have almost caught up. Find a way to keep a regular schedule.

At collage/university level it helps if we can schedule our classes according to our habits. A few individuals thrive on 9am tutorials, but most people perform better after midday. If you have the option, choose classes according to the times that you perform best.

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Education is more than learning information. It is about progressing as a person. Live, breath and learn about the world around us.

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