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Telling and Teaching

Primary Writing Campsie

Teaching is a lot more than just passing on information. If this were the case we could all learn simply by reading a text book. Now while some bright people do learn a lot a lot by reading, usually these are advanced students at tertiary level or younger independent students heading in that direction, most of us need a teacher or a curriculum that goes beyond a list of bullet point facts.

Telling is simply feeding people information. It does not convey an understanding, even as a few students may develop their own understanding independently. Teaching is about helping a student learn through developing an understanding of the topic. If this understanding is fostered in the early stages of an education the individual student can latter develop the ability to learn independently.

Teaching is more of a two way interaction between students and teachers than telling. At the very least students need to apply and practice the information that teacher conveys. We all sense this. Which is why students are made to write essays on the topic they learn, or practice math problems. Applying this learnt knowledge in a new situation takes the matter further.

We have all had the experience of looking up a new word in a dictionary. We might remember the meaning of this new word latter on, and recognize it in something we read. But is we practice using the new word in a sentence we do far better; we start using these new terms (and perhaps concepts) when we speak and write, and is becomes a natural part of own language.

Over time we can often see the difference between a student who has understood a topic and a student who has simply memorized what they were told. The student with an understanding has the ability to go beyond their initial experience and develop further. The student who just memorizes can only repeat what they already know. Any student who hopes to get to university level needs this ability to work independently and continue to develop their own understanding. It requires an early groundwork in solid learning.

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Language is fundamental to every topic, and every aspect of life. If we learn how to write so that it is a natural ability then we have the most important skill we need for further education. This is learning that allows us to become independent, while also enhancing the ability to work with others.

Tutoring will get a student to the place where they become capable, independent learners.

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