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We all vary in ability, personality, and temperament. This is more obvious to those who work as teachers or who have become parents of more than one child. At least some of this is inborn (nature), some of this is adaption to the environment and education (nurture), occasionally it is something affected by unfortunate occurrences like accidents or illness. But almost all would agree that we are all different, and are suited to different careers, and possibly different educations.

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Teachers notice some gifted students straight away. There are a few straight A students in every school, including a few who achieve this with minimal effort. These are usually some of the gifted students. But there will also be a few underachievers, intelligent students who are gifted, even if it is not too obvious at first.

There are a few reasons why a gifted child student may underachieve and initially go unrecognized. These individuals may never complete anything because they feel it is not perfect. Or they might overthink questions, seeing many possible answers and understanding that one answers is true in some situations and other answers are true at other time. This is very confusing on a multiple answer test. At other times the child underperforms because they are plain bored.

These students will benefit to some degree, often to a great degree, with an opportunity class. These classes are a difference of type rather than a difference of degree. The same subjects will be taught, but with a different approach. The approach for Opportunity Classes (OC) downplays rote learning and puts greater emphasis on individuals learning and understanding for themselves.

There is also some other advantages. The student will work with other students of similar ability. This can motivate many students, especially those who were previously used to being top of the class with minimal effort. It can also help those who previously underperformed, if only because they are less likely to be bored.

Classmates of similar ability often means finding a few students with a similar mindset. A few socially isolated students find they will have at least a few friends in an Opportunity Class.

Not every school has OC classes, and the school that do have these classes only offer them in 5th and 6th grade. So if an individual student shows that are suitable and capable of doing the OC class they might end up transferred to a new school.

Students in an OC class, because of the education they receive, have a better chance of entering a selective high school at the end of year 6.

OC Tutoring Sydney

Opportunity classes will greatly benefit brighter students. Coaching will help bring these students to their potential.

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