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High School Tutoring Strathfield

The Students of today will be the people who live in and run the world in a generation’s time. The education they receive now, which should aim at developing their natural abilities and at providing them with as much accumulated knowledge of the past as possible, will have a great impact on their future success.

Different countries have different approaches to education. There is always some controversy of which approach is best, but there is at least some consensus when it comes to originality and creativity. If the World continues to change, as it inevitably will, then individual’s capable of original and creative though will be needed to provide solutions to future problems, and to provide and develop new technologies. Education that fosters this, at least in the more promising students, is need today.

One method of assessing the creativity and originality of a countries education system is the University ranking. This looks at the success of universities in different countries, the number of noble prize winners in these teaching facilities, and the budget allocated to higher education in general. Countries that emphasis rote learning do poorly on University ranking, though underdeveloped nations can often catch up with other nations by this approach they can never really get ahead. Countries that go beyond rote learning tend do better on international rankings and develop further over time, both short and long term.

Australia has always done quite well on the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings, coming third on 2018. We also have several Universities listed in the world’s top 50. the government spends about 5% of the total GDP on education.

HSC Tutoring Strathfield

University entrance depends greatly on HSC results. Some of the HSC depends on rote learning and memorization, some on the ability to organize ideas and communicate them effectively. But more successful HSC students will be able to think for themselves and produce original idea and novel approaches to what they learn. This originality is essential if they are to succeed once they get to university, and if they are to have a successful career after they graduate.

We believe in bringing individuals to their potential. Education is about bring out the best in all people so they can live fulfilling lives that benefit their society and the world that they are a part of.

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