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Vocation Training And Critical Thinking

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There have been two main trends amid education ideologies. One is the push for vocation training, the other for education based on critical thinking. Vocation training is about education for a specific career path. We train to become hotel managers, dental hygienists, makeup artist or electricians. Critical thinking education is more broad, we learn how to learn, how to solve problems, how to compare different theories, how to be creative, original, and innovative.

We might think that these approaches are mutually exclusive, but any decent career path tend to use both of these approaches to at least some extent. At the very least early education is about solid grounding in language and maths, because we all use these in skills in life. Further education progresses to more general skills in learning history, geography and science, and how civilisation develops over time. As we enter tertiary education we often become more specialised, using our earlier developed basic skills in a more specific way, and learning more about our chosen career path.

HSC Tutoring Sydney

If we lack basic skills in our early education it will hold us back later on. Nobody can progress to tertiary level unless they have decent essay writing skills. They probably need decent maths skills as well. Most areas of study will require some critical thinking, the ability to look at economic or science news and predict with some accuracy the way matters are developing.

Tutoring can fill in the gaps in education, so a student has the solid grounding needed for their career path.

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If we have a specific career path in mind then we may need coaching in specific fields of study. This is an education path that combines traditional learning with practical experience. Coaching can give us something that textbook study lacks, the experience of the coach. If we want to be an engineer, then working with an engineer, or a more advanced engineer student, is invaluable. We learn an applicable mindset, not just graphs and equations.

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All education is useful. But finding what you need for your career path, what you need for the HSC, and what you will need for University – These are things each individual must be fully competent with. Find your area of interest, and develop the skills and education you need.

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