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What Are The Ways to help Motivation?

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Our abilities and potential can be compromised by any number of things in our life. There is more going on at any one moment than the subjects we presently study. And we can be easily sidetracked or discouraged, or fall into careless mistakes. This is a great misfortune, as we may under-perform in today’s education, and ruin the opportunities in our future.

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We can lack motivation for several reasons:
– Tiredness and stress.
– Perfectionism – nothing we write is ever good enough.
– The subject seems dull, even as is a necessary prerequisite for something in the future.
– There are other things on our mind.
– There is just so much to get done.

We can help deal with poor motivation by:

– Start Early. Learning a new subject area takes time. But it usually clicks into place.
– Ask ourselves if there might be some preconceived ideas that are holding us back. Try looking at the subject as if you have never seen it before.
– Dividing the subject matter into smaller parts, and conquering each.
– Looking at past achievement in the area.
– Looking at some practical applications of what we are studying.
– Reminding ourselves of the satisfaction of a completed task.
– Writing drafts for essays well in advance. Then finding we have half of the work done when the piece is nearly due.
– Occasionally having an ‘open view’ of the bigger picture. What we are studying now is only part of our life. So complete this section now.
– Remove distractions; have a dedicated study area without phones, games or the internet. Libraries are one option.
– Look at diagrams in the subject area, and not just the dense text.
– If you’re a perfectionist, and struggle with something you cannot presently prefect, then settle for a slightly lower goal. A 90% right essay that is complete is far better than a 100% essay than you never start, finish or hand in.
– Group discussion help in some subjects. Augment this with more private study afterwards.
– Online lecture videos can be beneficial, at least as a starting point. Then augment the information by reading the text.

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Group and individual tutoring aims to get each individual to their potential. Part of this is getting the best mindset for learning.

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