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What School Skills We Learn, And Take For Granted?

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Ask many people about the skills they learnt in school and they will often give non-academic examples. More academic individuals often talk about the skills they learnt at university, perhaps skipping over the skills from high school that actually got them to university. We take some skills for granted, others we may notice because we use them, or because they are pointed out to us.

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English and maths are used to some extent in all career paths. Obviously we will not get by if we cannot read and write. And maths is used by everybody from tradesmen measuring building supplies, to scientists developing new technology. Not everybody uses calculus, but everybody benefits from the technology that used calculus at some point.

Some skills are less obvious, but no less crucial.

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Teamwork – There are some complaints with school team projects – nobody wants the lazy team members. But being able to work with, encourage and administer others is important, and something that is far different to book learning. Every career requires some ability to work with others, and an average student will good team skills will outperform a bright student with lesser team skill, which is not to say that we cannot have both.

Budgeting – This is a university skill, with students often living on minimal income. Under frugal conditions we learn what is important, the difference between needs and wants. And how to get the best results with minimal resources.

Personal Abilities and Motivation – Deadlines and schedules are a fact of life. If we learn to work within these parameters at a young age then we learn an important set of skills. This applies right up to retirement age, paying bills, arranging meetings, organising priorities, completing projects.

Think Differently – You can only go so far if you just repeat what you learnt in the book, or copy others. Thousands of other people do this, and you cannot stand out if you do the same. An open mind, lateral thinking, creativity, means new ideas, old ideas applied to a new situation, creative solutions and many things that take us and society further ahead.

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