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What to Expect at Tertiary Level?

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Many of us taking the HSC expect to study at University, or at some other tertiary level institution. We need the best possible HSC grades if we are to get into the higher University courses, and at least above average results if we are to make into any course of study.

Good results require the right skill, education and approach. This includes balancing personal and social life with learning and class interaction.

HSC Tutoring Sydney

Time management is a priority in university, because we don’t have a parent or teacher standing over us and forcing us to get things done. Nor are their parents doing our washing and cooking. We suddenly have to do everything ourselves, and find the time.

This can mean we are constantly distracted by every chore, or looking for something to help us procrastinate when we should get some study done.

By all means get chores done. But get them out of the way. Eat the best breakfast possible, clean the study space, and then get some study done.

Plan on how to get though the information you have to study. Divide it up into sections and keep track of your progress; mark it off on a chart. It helps motivation when you see how you have progressed. Then take breaks.

Remember that the goal is to understand the subject, not just turn the pages of the text and tick off the progress chart. Think about the information and how it all fits together. Learning should give us a new perspective.

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Getting feedback off tutors and other students is important. Often this is the only way we pick up mistakes. Yes we might see a few of our own mistakes, but it is not wise to assess out own understanding. This is like lifting ourselves with our bootstraps. It is too easy to misinterpret a concept and not realise our mistake. Get the perspective of other students and especially the tutor or lecturer.

HSC Tutoring Parramatta

We won’t reach our potential in isolation. Tutoring can benefit us with the perspective of others who have been there before us.

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