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Why Tutoring, Why Selective Schools?

Selective Tutoring Sydney

Selective schools accept students who prove their ability and potential on an application test. So a student at such a school will study with classmates with comparable ability.

There is some debate about the division of students into classes and schools according to their ability. But when all is said and done most parents like the idea of sending their child to a more advanced selective school.

 The student gets the right impression about what is expected of them- they have to keep up with other bright kids, not just stay ahead of the lowest common denominator.
 Classes can be set up to appeal to the bright students, not just a general class for everybody.
 The student doesn’t waste time or get boarded doing work they have already surpassed.
 Classes can be more creative, with minimal rote learning. Education can be pushed by enthusiasm, rather than discipline.
 It helps for a students future to have the name of a selective school on the resume.

If students do gain entry to selective schools then they will be with others of similar, perhaps greater ability. This can be a culture shock, as the child is unlikely to be the head of the class. But this adjustment is a necessary one, and beneficial in the long term, better learn when young. While a child might lose a sense of superiority when amongst other highly capable children they can soon learn a more valuable, more stable form of self-esteem as part of this social group. This ties to achieving goals and social cooperation rather than competitiveness and superiority.
Selective school are greatly beneficial for children who can work at this higher level.

HSC Tutoring Sydney

Academic ability is about a combination of potential and the realisation of that potential. It is not enough to have high IQ. Tests will look at how that ability (IQ) has been used, what has been learned, how ideas can be applied. Education is using our intelligence to learn.

As such, coaching can make a big difference to our results in selective school entrance exams and the HSC. Tutoring means the student can get towards their potential, and perform according to their ability on exams.

HSC Tutoring Sydney

Finding the right learning approach for the individual, choosing subject where they show the greatest ability, and developing the necessary life skills  all this means students who achieve their potential.

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