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Why We Need Different Approaches

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The fact the we are all individuals is mostly a blessing, and partly an inconvenience. Certainly the diversity is a blessing, the different perspectives an advantage, and the fact that we need to take different careers and roles in society a necessity. The inconvenient side is that we all learn in different ways. So we cannot all sit in the same classroom and all benefit from the same lessons. Education needs to be varied at leasta little bi according to the students.

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Our education system in Australia has selective schools and opportunity classes for students who show academic potential. Entry in these classes comes mostly from good grades in (English) language and mathematics, but at least some originality and creativity are expected too. These selective school and advanced classes cater to intelligent, academically inclined students who are free from any cognitive issues. Other students, including some quite intelligent students and artistic types, benefit more from other education streams.

An often overlooked advantage of selective classes and schools is the social situation. The students are amid others of similar ability, and this both encourages them to learn and to socialize with individuals of similar ability. A few students who were previously isolated amid other students may do quite well with students who are their peers.

Learning with other intelligent students can also prevent an individual student from becoming complacent, feeling that are superior and can learn without effort.

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It is not uncommon for many individual students to struggle in one subject or another. Even smarter individuals may find there is a subject or two that is difficult for them. Or that they struggle with written language despite showing ability in other areas.

Tutoring can be a great benefit here. An individual tutor can address an individuals student’s needs, either a subject they missed earlier on, or an subject that does not come naturally to them. Even the brightest students occasionally need this to set them on the right path early on. Individual tutoring for a year or two can be enough to change a student’s career path for the better.

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Language is used in every subject, so we all need at least competent language skills. And any academic career will need fairly advanced language skills. Learning these skill through practice and instruction in high school gives us a solid grounding in future subjects.

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We are all individuals following different education and career paths. Primary and High School Coaching can benefit all students.

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